Software Development

We deliver software systems by using state-of-the-art frameworks. We develop web, desktop, and mobile applications using the modern technologies of our era.

  • State-of-the-art Web-based Information Systems

  • State-of-the-art Desktop Software Applications

  • State-of-the-art Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

  • State-of-the-art Data Analytics tools

Intelligent Data Analytics

We provide services in

  • Software development for automated data analytics

  • Smart phone apps to automate customer operations for businesses

  • Social media analytics to increase visibility of the companies among youth and other groups

  • Business branding using big data analytics

  • Market strategies using artificial intelligence and statistical analysis

Business ICT Consultancy

We provide business information technology (IT) services comprising

  • Application service development and maintenance,

  • Independent validation

  • Ethical Hacking

  • ICT infrastructure management

  • Engineering services comprising product engineering and life cycle solutions and maintenance

  • Information Systems Auditing

  • Cybersecurity Consultancy

  • Consulting-led integrated portfolio of ICTs, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), infrastructure, engineering, and assurance services.

Research & Development

Our Team has developers and researchers with Ph.Ds. and Masters's degrees from world-renowned universities in Engineering and Computer science

  • We provide training on the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies for industrial settings

  • We provide training on the use of automated chat systems for Business companies

  • We provide training in data analytics and statistical investigation of big data for business companies

  • We provide training to university students to engage in the AI world and to Businesses that heavily depend on AI technologies

  • We do research on customer behavior using data analytics techniques and Machine Learning to solve the most difficult questions for corporate businesses

Also, we can work out with university dons to organize world-class training for your business employees. Come with your idea and we can research and advise based on a data-driven conclusion that would suit your business and employees.

Research & Development

We are a private company that is involved in the extensive Research and Development of unique solutions for our customers

  • We are equipped and connected with the most competitive researchers in intelligent software and automation solutions

  • We provide exclusive services for clients and partners who would like to work on certain research issues in Swahili language understanding and Machine vision for industrial and agricultural purposes.

        • Automated Customer Care

        • Automated Farmers call centres

        • Voice-assisting systems

        • Question Answering systems

        • Automated chat rooms for business companies

        • Automated letter writing

  • We are seeking partners from all over the world to work with the most important companies in Artificial Intelligence

  • We research Blockchain Technology and specifically blockchain database implementation for financial businesses

We strive to become African's premier research company in IT and specifically in AI to unlock the most challenging problems across the African continent using models, data analytics, statistics, and mathematics. Our success is based on a results-oriented and holistic approach in which we measure the impact our models and software change the society.